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About Us

We introduce ourselves as a software solution provider company in the gneiss field of Geoscientific, Environmental, GIS & Image Processing software and instruments.

Aditi Infotech is an organization which focusing specifically on providing complete IT solutions in the geoscientific field by scientific software solutions for data capturing, processing, analysis, interpretation and modeling purpose, with more than 10 years of experience by providing customized software solutions and services to our customers we are in a position to guarantee quality and satisfaction. We do this by creating and maintaining total quality systems, upgrading continuously the skills of our people, service and products.

It is relevant to mention that we represent various leading global principle's for distribution, training and support of their products, some of these principle's in the various fields are:

A. Geology
  1. Golden Software Inc, USA
  2. Terra Softa Inc, USA
  3. MinServe (Mineral Services), Australia

B. Hydrogeology

  1. Aqueous Solutions LLC, USA
  2. PC PROGRESS, Czech Republic
  3. AQUAVEO Water Modeling Solutions, USA
  4. Scientific Software Group (SSG), USA

C. Geochemistry

  1. Aqueous Solutions LLC, USA

D.  GIS and Remote Sensing

  1. Clark Labs, Clark University, USA

The range of our services and products enables us to provide a comprehensive customized package to each of our patrons in terms of high quality results and reliability in delivering on schedule.

Our team consists of competent professionals with extensive experience in their respective disciplines. Their teamwork and expertise ensures quality service and support. Our aim is to enable our clients to optimize the value of data sets collected in different format to help them maximize productivity.