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Environmental impact studies on Air, Water and Soil
  • SW Plan
    SWPlan handles the entire solid waste flow from generator to final disposition in an intuitive format which can address all of the management approaches: Waste Reduction, Recycling (19 commodities), Yard Waste Composting, Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Incineration, Refuse-Derived-Fuel (RDF), MSW Composting, Ash Disposal and Landfills with/without Transfer Stations.
  • Pollute
    POLLUTEv7 program provides fast, accurate, and comprehensive contaminant migration analysis capabilities. This program implements a one and a half dimensional solution to the advection-dispersion equation.
  • Soil Para
    SOIL PARA meter Estimator is based on statistical pore/particle size distribution models and can be used to estimate hydraulic parameters in the van Genuchten constitutive model (Brooks-Corey parameters can be estimated from these) for variablysaturated soils.
  • Soil Vision
    Our most popular package, SoilVision Professional provides extreme database functionality with the benefit of laboratory data on over 6000 soils. The database is designed to provide a central data warehouse for soils data and allow data to be presented in multiple formats including borehole logs, GIS, finite element models, and (ASTM) laboratory test reports.