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Image Processing Software
  • TerrSet
    For close to 30 years, Clark Labs has been a pioneer in the development of geospatial software. The TerrSet and Image Processing system set new standards for decision support in geographic analysis and remote sensing applications. Then we added the Land Change Modeler (LCM) for the empirical modeling and future prediction of land cover change- a vertical application built on top of a TerrSet. Next came the Earth Trends Modeler (ETM)-a radically new system for time series analysis of earth observation imagery for understanding climate and global environmental change.
  • Land Change Modeler
    The Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS software extension is an innovative land planning and decision support tool. With an automated, user-friendly workflow, LCM for ArcGIS simplifies the complexities of change analysis, resource management and habitat assessment. LCM for AcrGIS provides a start-to-finish solution for your land change analysis needs.