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Aditi Infotech offers the training program / courses in Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) techniques.
We also conduct the training program / courses on the following discipline/subjects;
  1. Geology - Earth Science
  2. Hydro - geology
  3. Groundwater & Surface water modeling
  4. Watershed Modeling
  5. Hand Held GPS & Differential GPS (DGPS)

for the students, Academic Institutions, Government & Commercial organizations by using various application software. Aditi Infotech has range of training options designed to fit a variety of budgets and learning styles.

The Basic and advanced GIS courses covers the spatial data capture by direct data acquisition or by digitization, data automation including spatial database creation, topology building, geo-referencing, projection, spatial data analysis on raster and vector data using raster algebra; the courses are designed to enable participants gain knowledge of geo-processing of geographic phenomena and their visualization in 2D and 3D

The Image Processing Course covers digital image processing, image restoration, image enhancement, image Classification (supervised and unsupervised classification) image transformation, principal component analysis, Fourier analysis, vegetation indices, segmentation classification, RADAR imaging and analysis, projects and change analysis

Minimum Qualification: Graduate in Engineering / Science / Geography / Geology / Environmental Science/ Civil & Mining Engineering / Architecture.

The duration of the course is from one week to three weeks depending on the modules selected by the students / participants.

Our Vision is to establish, run and gradually build up a training institute with state-of-the art GIS & RS infrastructure in Central India so as to remove the digital divide amongst various stake-holders, and promote a GIS-enabled community, enhancing power-users of GIS in terms of quality and numbers.

Our Mission is to train the seekers / participants (students, Geologist and Engineers) in GIS & RS courses at an affordable price.